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Pro Optima follows a risk-based audit approach. The client company’s enterprise risk profile is considered in preparing the annual audit plan as well as all relevant specific risk elements of the audit area are considered in each audit assignment.

Our method of reporting is concise, with audit results being reported in a crisp and clear manner. The average length of our audit reports is less than 12 pages.


Pro Optima’s audit staff is trained to be strategic thinkers and operationally minded when performing a project. This allows us to identify not only control weaknesses within the systems in operation, but also opportunities to optimize the client’s business. As a result, Pro Optima has earned a reputation of providing practical and value-added services to its clients.


It is important for us to be visible and in touch with the client’s business. For this reason, we spend most of our time at the audit site, i.e. as opposed to audit from a remote office. Covid-19 has unfortunately brought about some complications but try to best interact effectively with the audit sites within the current restricted environment.

Pro Optima earned itself a reputation of providing practical and value-added services at a competitive price.

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